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Stewards of a Sacred Trust

Leith Anderson, President, National Association of Evangelicals

"Who will lead our organizations into a better tomorrow? If we get this right, the future is bright. If we fail, the future is bleak. David McKenna shows us the way.

"We are at the beginning of a major leadership change in evangelical organizations from megachurches to universities to parachurch organizations. Some haven't chosen a top leader indecades. Others are looking for successors to founders. Dave McKenna brings stellar experience to coaching boards and selection committees to success in succession."

Harold B. Smith, President, Christianity Today International

"Does the world truly need another leadership book? Yes, if that book is Stewards of a Sacred Trust. Building off a sense of Kingdom-calling that exists (or should exist!) between a board and a CEO and the ministry she or he leads, author and top executive and board veteran David McKenna delivers an extremely practical and powerfully challenging account detailing the God-led selection, transitioning, and development of leadership within the Christian context. The book compellingly charges all boards (and all would-be board members) to carefully weigh and work out the significance of their calling. And it offers deep hope and encouragement to any ministry leader who desires a leader whose commitment to her or his success is built upon prayer and their own sweat equity. A much-needed read—especially in these challenging times."

Paul Corts, President, Council of Christian Colleges & Universities

"David McKenna has produced an exceedingly useful book to help all who seriously want to be extraordinary stewards of the sacred trust through trusteeship on a nonprofit board! The book is designed for ease of use with short topic-specific chapters; it encourages use by being concise—you can get the core ideas without inordinate prose; and it's practical—chock full of pithy nuggets of wisdom from the author's wealth of experience as a president, board member, and consultant."

Al Lopus, President, The Best Christian Workplaces Institute

"'So what does he know about it?' David McKenna rates all 10s on board and CEO leadership. His remarkable experience and scholarship are evident throughout this guide to CEO selection, transition and development. What's it cost if you get the CEO selection and transition wrong? This book could save your Christian organization $500,000. Thanks, David, for your contributions and being a mentor to us all."

Robert C. Andringa, President Emeritus, CCCU, and Board Consultant

"This book is fresh, insightful, biblical and practical. It adds so much to the literature on governance, especially to faith-based nonprofits that seek to be God-honoring in all that they do. For boards and CEOs going through leadership transitions, this is a must read. I am delighted that David McKenna drew upon his uncommon experience both as CEO and board chair to advance good government with a common sense look."

Steve Moore, Executive Director, The Murdock Trust

"In a time when much has been made about a 'generational transfer of wealth,' an even more significant 'generational transfer of leadership' is taking place in Christian organizations around the world. If the stewardship of the mission is the lifeblood of a board's responsibility, then the stewardship of the leadership selection, transition and nurture are the heartbeat of the board's covenant to those whom they serve. There are few others who have given us as careful thought to the principles and practices that are needed in this critical responsibility than David McKenna. I heartily recommend these resources to every board that wants to multiply their mission."

David Gyertson, Distinguished Professor of Leadership, Regent University

"The relationships between the CEO and the governing board are critical to the success and health of every organization. However, for Christ-centered organizations, those relationships witness the motivations and divine purposes at the heart of the entity's reason for being. David McKenna provides a compelling, practical and pastoral perspective on the nature and nurture of these relationships. Anchored in scriptural principles, informed by seasoned insight, and enlivened by real-world applications, McKenna challenges boards and CEOs to embrace their 'Sacred Trust' as stewards of their high calling in Christ Jesus. This is a must-have resource."

Dorothy Barbo, Professor Emeritus, The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and Chair, Presidential Search Committee for Asbury College, 2007

"The search for a new CEO is a challenging task. David McKenna has shared in this stepwise practical guide a workable process which can lead to a successful search and transition. His experience in multiple leadership positions and consulting in Christ-centered organizations has given him the knowledge and understanding of the needs of boards and search committees. There is no need to spend time reinventing this wheel. I have learned it works."