Stewards of a Sacred Trust

Books by Dr. David L. McKenna

  • The Urban Crisis (1968) Zondervan
  • Awake, My Conscience (1977) Light and Life Press
  • *The Jesus Model (1978) Word
  • *The Communicator's Commentary: Mark (1982) Word
  • MegaTruth: The Church in the Age of Information (1986) Here’s Life Publishers
  • Power To Follow; Grace To Lead (1986) Word
  • The Communicator's Commentary: Job (1986) Word
  • Renewing Our Ministry (1986) Word
  • *The Whisper of His Grace (1987) Word
  • Discovering Job (1989)
  • Love Your Work (1989) Shaw
  • The Coming Great Awakening (1990) IVP
  • The Works of Dr. David L. McKenna: Honoring Ten Years of Faithful Leadership at Asbury Theological Seminary (1993) ATS
  • *When Our Parents Need Us Most (1994) Shaw (Translated into Japanese, 2000)
  • The Communicator's Commentary: Isaiah 1-39 (1994) Word
  • The Coimunicator's Commentary: Isaiah 40-66 (1994) Word
  • A Future ith A History: The Wesleyan Witness Of the Free Methodist Church (1997) Light and Life Press
  • Growing Up In Christ (1998) Light and Life Press
  • Journey Through a Bypass: The Story of an Open Heart, (1998) Light and Life Press
  • What A Time To Be A Wesleyan: Anticipating The 21st Century (1999) Beacon Hill (Translated into Spanish)
  • *How to Read a Christian Book (2001) Baker (Chosen as resource for Church and Synagogue Lending Library)
  • The Christian Family Library: General Editor, (2001) Family Christian Press
  • Wesleyan Leadership in Troubled Times: Confronting the Culture; Challenging the Church, (2002) Beacon Hill
  • The Preacher’s Commentary: Republication of Commentaries on Mark, Job, and Isaiah I and II (2003) Thomas Nelson
  • *Never Blink in a Hailstorm and Other Lessons of Leadership. (2005) Baker Books
  • *Becoming Nehemiah, (2005) Beacon Hill (Also published in South Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia as * Leading with Significance)
  • *A Leader’s Legacy: The Gift of Greater Things. (May, 2006) Barclay Press
  • *Retirement Is Not for Sissies: Grow Down, Lean Forward, and Laugh Out-loud.. (2008) Barclay Press
  • A Stroke of Grace: Hope for Those Who Suffer and Those Who Care, (October 2008) Xulon Press
  • Stewards of a Sacred Trust: CEO Selection, Transition, and Development for Boards of Christ-centered Organizations, (2010) ECFA
  • When God Laughs with Us: The Lighter Side of Leadership. (2010) WipfandStock

Note: With His Joy: The Life and Leadership of David McKenna, by Donald Demaray was published in 2000 by The Light and Life Press.

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